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Franchise, Partnering & Sharing

Our current concept at our retail shops exhibit our success concept and strategy for the long term niche.
Co+Nut+ink, with our central factory in Jurong, Singapore, is poised to expand within Singapore and globally through our focused distribution, as well expansion in catering of events, collaboration with theme parks, as well as setting our footholds through our proven outlets with our continuous ride on disruptive technology, aspiring to be a global brand by 2020 and beyond in this new long term niche market.

As per our specific plans in capturing a market share in our proven concept starting with our first goal as a global presence (brand) at a target revenue, together with the right technology (the robotic machine) to propel us with speed and agility, thereafter increasing in folding growth numbers for the next decades and beyond with enhancement in technology as per demand over time.

With our machine being the first in serving our proven concept, it is a new breakthrough for us to distribute globally with greater attractiveness, flexibility and speed to reach our target market (customers) along the beaches, waterfront, major pedestrian malls, theme parks, all around the world.

Together with our business model as per above that speaks our proven results, it is a less cumbersome yet standardized ice cream manufacturing protocol with great support from all of us in Co+Nut+ink as Family.

Retail Cups and bottled coconut water through distributions to supermarkets, specialized retailers, online (e-commerce), vendings, etc
Cold Pressed HPP Bottled Coconut Water (Sports Drink)

Our Supported Overseas Launch


Co+Nut+ink’s own Investment in Marketing, Partnerships and Collaborations – resulting in adding more values again including our partners pulling in more patrons.