Our Story


Co+Nut+ink is Singapore’s famous award winning and top F&B outdoor lifestyle concept since 2013. With our core competences that differentiate from the rest with outlets spread out in major iconic places of Singapore, as well as in Manila, Philippines. Co+Nut+ink continue to expand within Singapore and globally through our focused and proven brick & mortar, as well as theme parks through our first in the world robotic self serve technology, becoming a global brand in our own long term niche market.

中国消费者访问新加坡时,也被大众点评评为新加坡评论最多,最受欢迎,访问量最大的品牌。他们位于新加坡的标志性地点。他们的获奖食谱,加上在真正的椰子壳中的冰淇淋,最棒的是它配备了免费的椰子水!作为一种户外生活方式概念。绝对会让您在体验最难忘的一次。 Co + Nut + ink继续在新加坡和全球范围内通过我们专注且经过验证的实体店以及主题公园在我们的世界首创机器人自助服务技术中扩展,成为我们自己的长期利基市场的全球品牌。

Core Values

Our core competences lies in our beliefs as an exceptional value add concept in being the Best In Class:

Best In Being Different (Unique)

Best Ambience (Applicable)

Best Recipe

Best Value For Money

Best Health Nut (100% Vegan)

Best Ethics

Best Technology

Our Mission Statement

We Are On A Mission To Help Billions Of People Find Their Happiness, And They Create Happiness To Others, In The Way They Have Always Dreamed Of.

Considering How Their Life Is Better Because We Exist

Co+Nut+ink also has its own ecosystem where everyone can have a role to play to save the world, from recycling program, fair trade program, health benefits to investment of agriculture