Core Values (Competences)

Core Values

Our core competences lies in our beliefs as an exceptional value add concept in being the Best In Class:

Best In Being Different (Unique)

Best Ambience (Applicable)

Best Recipe

Best Value For Money

Best Health Nut (100% Vegan)

Best Ethics

Best Technology

BEST IN HEALTH NUT @ Vegan (The Wonder Fruit)

It was known during WWI and WWII, injured soliders due to scarcity, used coconut water as IV drip to save lives…….

Due to increased health consciousness amongst consumers, they are choosing healthier ice cream as coconut is widely known on top of the food chain in health and wellness, with already proven local and global demand for the wonder fruit.

All Natural; 5 Essential Electrolytes; Ultimate Hydration; More Potassium than Bananas; Zero Additives Naturally.

Coconut Water as the great new isotonic drink for sports enthusiast which has been a big hit and create a new niche in the West.

Coconut Water and Oil as the miraculous healer and wellness for all kinds of health busters.

Fruit For Thought…

With already wide recognition on the benefits of the miracle coconut

Best In Being Different (Unique Concept)

Co+Nut+ink’s aim is to be distinguished from another ice-cream or yogurt parlors that have been sprouting all around in the past few years.

Co+Nut+ink unique and holistic concept would fit perfectly into with vibrancy and exceptional value on the façade and climate. It is a great culture fit in from the ice cream in the original coconut cast (with the flesh) to the whole coconut, kiosk and the overall Co+Nut+ink concept.

The holistic unique concept is one of its kind and definitely a brand new concept in the market.

Best Recipe (Heaven Sent, Hand Made)

Co+Nut+ink introduces an exciting Heaven-sent Hand-Made ice-cream formula – a secret recipe

It could probably the best in the world….

Co+Nut+ink offers a wide range of toppings that complements with the ice cream. The combination of the recipe and vast varieties of toppings is to bring on patronage by happy consumers with recognized recipe and health yet with diversity of choices. 100% Vegan!

Best Value For Money

Co+Nut+ink’s core product is our secret coconut ice cream recipe served with toppings and FREE coconut drink. The serving comes by the coconut husk with coconut flesh.

An article which feature How Does Americans Define Happiness – Happiness of Pursuit. Interestingly, the pictures along the article featured ice creams…

Co+Nut+ink recognizes when and where lies our focus target market through our sales distribution channel with our focused strength

The façade of our brand and shop also plays a pivotal role in attracting patrons


Co+Nut+ink unique and applicable concept would add vibrancy and exceptional value (benefits) in the right climate and facade.

Co+Nut+ink’s focus distribution can also be a focal point that could hardly be found anywhere else, enticing them to be back specially for the unique concept and recipe they enjoy

Our focus distribution allow us to be on track as a long term sustainable niche market, NOT a fever market. 

BEST ETHICS© (Health and Sustainability)

Co+Nut+ink recognizes the importance to anchor a distinctive and impressionable brand and quality. Per serving is more than 100g…more than Hagen Daz, Ben & Jerry!

Co+Nut+ink’s ingredients are consciously sourced and prepared from the finest fair trade coconut and nectar.

Co+Nut+ink is 100% Vegan and Dairy Free!

Our Environmental-Friendly Concept

  • Co+Nut+ink practices are of environmental friendly due to the utilisation of the coconut husk.
  • The daily operational needs would need minimal water usage mainly due to there is no utensils needed, given the ice cream and coconut is served in the actual coconut husk as the serving cups.
  • The Shop Kiosk is well lit with LED lights (energy saving) at good effect.
  • Bins with trash bags would be made available to ensure adequate disposal for the patrons, which would be cleared and managed by Co+Nut+ink.
  • The bins will be segregate to different bins, especially for our coconut husk as we have a recycling program which the husk could be used for water filters, charcoal, décor, etc.

Our Educational Talks and Activities from Recycling; Health and Fair Trade Programs to Investments

Our Involvement of the Whole Ecosystem ©

Resulting in Equlibrium price of coconut for consumer (Demand and Supply); Saving our Environment; Optimal Health For Users; Return for Investors

Our Very Own First In The World (Patent) Robotic Self-Serve Machine ®

Heavenly Sent, Consciously Created 

Best In Being Different (Unique)

Best Ambience (Applicable)

Best Recipe

Best Value For Money

Best Health Nut (100% Vegan)

Best Ethics

Best Technology

Health, New, Taste, Economical, Fun and With these above Best In Class values, Co+Nut+ink sends and creates a combination of all aspect of Quality.