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All of our back end and front end collaterals, including our serving utensils are all bio compostable.

All our ingredients and recipe processes are 100% vegan. Thus 100% dairy free, gluten free and soy free. Minimise our world’s precious and liveable resources.

Resulting in Equlibrium price of coconut for consumer (Demand and Supply); Saving our Environment; Optimal Health For Users; Return for Investors


The Miraculous one with its numerous Health Benefits.

Educational Program

Co+Nut+ink continue to actively play our role in the whole ecosystem. With our Educational Talks and Activities from Recycling; Health and Fair Trade Programs to Investments, especially with the children that will determine our future humanity path. Used coconut husk that could be used for personal needs such as planting, stationary holders, house and personal accessories. This miraculous one could also be used for Industrial as alternative energy such as charcoal and fossil fuels.

Fair Trade Program

Everyone has a role to help the farmers (whom are often manipulated of their profits by the middle men) to gain the fair share of their hard work, thus resulting good supply and demand, equilibrium price for consumers, undo the cheaper way for the farmers to burn their land which the consequences of air pollution and haze. All of our coconuts are sourced with the Fair Trade Program.

Return of Investment

Investment in this burgeoning agriculture, with the world population poised to grow to 9 billion by 2030, food scarcity especially for healthier and conscience food will be even more prevalent.

More About Our Program

01. Edu-Talk

Discover what made Co+Nut+ink stand out from other ice-cream, the health benefits of coconuts, how we are taking part in the Fair-Trade program, and so much more!

02. Awaken Your Senses

Here, you will use your senses to learn the different parts of the coconuts, how to differentiate young verses old coconuts and even get a closer look on how we prepare our husks for recycling!

03. Have Fun & Be Proud!

Finally, take part in our games and indulge in our famous coconut ice-cream + fresh coconut water. After that, you may exchange your husk with a recycled one and decorate it! Bring it back home and share it with your loves ones.

Program Details

Price: SGD $10 per person
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Silsos Point, Sentosa (Siloso Beach)
Email: info@conutink.com
Phone Number: +65 9685 5573